The Crew Code

Seen through the eyes of legendary dancers Roxrite and Lilou, this short film series explores the stories of iconic breakdance crews from around the world. The Crew Code puts a face to the stories behind some of the greatest living legends of the dance, an explosive artform that allows dancers to compete, express their style and represent their local scenes.

Episode 1: Renegade Rockers

Founded in 1983, the Renegade Rockers are as much a part of San Francisco culture as the Giants or 49ers. Passion for passing the signature Renegade style over four generations keeps the crew evolving over decades.

Episode 2: Pockemon

Before Pockemon became legendary they were just kids from the wrong side of the tracks battling authority to express themselves. Now they are bringing the B-boy culture back to their neighborhood outside of Lyon to prove their crew is worth the acceptance they've achieved in their city.

Episode 3: Massive Monkees

The Massive Monkees are an iconic B-Boy crew formed in 1999 whose dominating style helped put the Seattle scene on the map. After winning starring on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, performing around the world, and reaching the top of the competitive scene, what comes next?

Episode 4: Rock So Fresh

Founded in 2001, San Diego's Rock So Fresh crew is made up of a wide range of dancers who all revel in the spirit of the cypher, the circular gathering of dance where style can be expressed. For RSF, it's not about the trophies, it's about community.

Episode 5: Soul Mavericks

Renegade lived through the lowest point in the UK B-Boy scene, where it was more of a punchline than a powerhouse. Rather than surrender to apathy, he formed the Soul Mavericks and fought for 10 years to get the respect London dancers deserved, resulting in a new generation of dancers including Sunni and B-Girl Terra.

Episode 6: Phaze II

The Midwest style of breakdancing was pioneered by Phaze II, a crew started at the dawn of the B-Boy movement. Founding member Wicked Delgado has seen the crew's peaks and valleys, but when he was diagnosed with Lymphoma, the crew changed forever.

Episode 7: Ruggeds

Established 2005 in Endhoven, Netherlands, the Ruggeds are the forward thinkers of the Euro dance scene who have evolved the business of breaking to off of their art from. Their code is progress.

Episode 8: Hustlekidz

Established in 2005 in Tilburg, Netherlands, the Hustlekidz have been shaking the foundations of breaking with pure attitude by churning out world champions one after another. Above all else, the code they live by is pure character.